how to get free royal pass in pubg season 17

 How to take PUBG  season 17 free ? How to get a Free Royal pass season 17? 2021 New Trick | How To Get Free Season 17 Royal Pass | Free Royal Pass Season 17 Pubg Mobile


 How to take PUBG  season 17 free ?

PUBG Mobile Season 17: PUBG Mobile is a very popular Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Game in India and currently, the new season 17  of PUBG Mobile has been started.

If you are a fan of PUBG Mobile and want to buy PUBG New Season 15 in Royal Pass Free, then this article is for you. Here, I will tell you the easiest and simplest PUBG Mobile Tricks so that you can take the Royal Pass of PUBG Season 15 for guys without wasting a time lets start this article.

How to take Free Royal Pass in PUBG?

So guys as u know that  it is very easy to take the Free Royal Pass of PUBG Mobile season 17. There are a lot of ways on the Internet where you can get PUBG UC for free. There are two types of royal pass in PUBG Mobile game . Elite Pass and Elite Pass Plus.

In Elite Pass, all the players can take the  advantage of all the facilitys, like every week you will get a new missions and you do have to complete it and  In this, as much as you have to  earns the points , only then you  have to get the benefits of something getting new items.

In Elite Pass Plus, you have to spend some money, then you can take the advantages of Premium Royal Pass products in it. so In this you get a Royal Pass for free and you also get to use the new  gifts new items like new dress gun skins and many more.

PUBG Free Royal Pass done?

Royal Pass is the very important  for players to get new Rewards in the game and you can increase your elite point in the following ways .

Complete Royal Pass Daily Mission and Chellange Mission.

Elite pass holders will have access to elite missions to rank faster.

Complete your weekly challenges and participate in the events to get a new Royale Pass Point Cards that grant RP Points.

Sometimes opening boxes will also provide you a free cards.

Daily Participate  in the game events to get more free Royale pass points.

How to get free UC in PUBG?

The first thing is that to get free Elite Pass or royal pass  in PUBG is to that you have to submit free UC. Here I will tell you a lot of ways and ideas to deposit unlimited free UC on your PUBG account. You can get a free unlimited UC from Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Freeharge, Google Play Card etc and many other apps .

Redeem Codes clic here

Here I will tell you one or many of the ways that  You can get free UC in your PUBG Account for  by using of these methods .

Earn Free Amazon Pay Balance

Guys this is the best  option to earn free uc just You can earn Amazon Pay Balance for free by referring your friends and family members  to Amazon Pay UPI. You will get ₹ 31 to refer a per i user or friend. When your Amazon account is deposited ₹ 699 ruppes the you can use these money to purchase the royal pass .

Earn Free Paytm Cash

There is a lot of Android aaps on the playstore and ios store  which gives you free Paytm Cash bonus . Here, I will tell you  the names of 5 aaps that are very trusted. By using these apps, you can earn lots of Unlimited Free Paytm Cash and  you can use these cash to purchase the royal pass of pubg. 

Cashboss App 

ShareChat App 

RozDhan App 

Helo App  

Paytm First Game App 

660 Free UC Flipkart by SuperCoin


This is the new service of Flipkart that has been started from 15 August 2018. Which ca be available for all the  users. Buy using this  service, Flipkart customers will get many great offers and also earn a free coins for paytm on each products . Flipkart Users will be given a Plus Coin whenever you buy a any new product.


If you do shopping with Flipkart, then you will get a 4 Free Flipkart SuperCoin for every 50 rupees shopping. And if you haveearn a  650 SuperCoin on your Flipkart Account,then you can referrel the coin and get a free royal pass .


So guya that all for the day i hope you all are enjoy  this article. If you have any querry or any questions about theartical , then you can ask by passing the  comment below, we will definately  try our best to helping you and share this artical to your frends also and social media also.

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