Best Ways to get free diamonds in free fire in 2021

Best Ways to get free diamonds in free fire in.

Hello friends, welcome to uur website, friends, our topic today is going to be a very interesting topic in which we will tell you a best way to grt free diamonds in free fire in 2021.

Friends, in this topic, we will tell you about some new applications that will get you diamonds for free, so friends, you must read our article today till the last.

Are you sure you want to 1500 Diamonds in your free fire id 

Because if you leave it in the middle, then you will not be able to get the right information that we want to give you, then friends, we start this artical today.

How diamonds are use in free fire 2021 .

Friends, if you have been playing Free Fire and you play Free Fire, then you will know what is the use of time off in Free Fire and tell those who do not know what diamond is used in Free Fire. Free Fire is a diamond in many different ways, such as buying a Royal Pass.


And you can buy different items such as guns skin and clothes etc. Friends can never be found in diamond free, you will have to buy but yes if you do not want to spend your money, then I will give you information about some such apps from which you can buy diamond.


In the app, you will have to complete some tasks, you will have to complete some missions which will get you money and then you can buy diamond in Free Fire with those money.


Friends, if you want to get a diamond for free, then it is not difficult, you will have to pay money to buy a timer, if you want to use all the premium products then you will have to buy diamond.

What are the different ways to use the diamonds in free fire 

Friends, let us know how to get diamonds for free in Free Fire, Friends will not get diamonds for free in Free Fire, you will be informed about some apps in which you can earn money by completing some missions and tasks.

You will be given a lot of easy easi trance, then you have to complete the daily and you will get money in return for your mission. So friends are given some apps below and they have been given information about that which will provide you cash for free.

  • Google pay
  • Google opinion rewards
  • Free fire ads
  • Big cash app
  • Live tournament
  • Gift items
  • Reedom codes
  • Spin and win


  1.  Google Pay = Friends is a new app of Google, today it is very popular on Google. Within this app, there is also the option of Refer and Earn if you refer any of your friends.

So you get ₹ 100, the more you refer, the more you will get money, but the money will be deposited in your Google pay account.

  1. Google opinion rewards = Friends, Google Opinion Report is an app of tomorrow, in which you have to complete some surveys and answer some questions.

And in exchange for those few humors, Google provides you some money, so if you complete this survey of Google, then you get a lot of rewards and gifts from Google.

  1.  Watch Free Fire ads (watch free fire ads) = Friends Free Fire is also providing the facility of the ad inside your game and gives some diamond to watch the ad, then friends can earn a diamond in the Free Fire by seeing the ad you can earn more. See more ads and earn more and more diamonds.
  1. Big Cash App = Friends, which is the first application named Mara, which is called Big Cash App Friends, in this application you have to refer and earn, that means you have to share with your friends.

And the more you share, the more money you will get in this app, every share is ₹ 10, that is, the more you share, the more you will get money, friends, 

you can use the money won in this app to transfer to Paytm and use it in Free Fire. Are Friends, this is a very good and easy way to earn diamond in Free Fire.


  1. Live free fire tournament = Friends, ever since Pabji has been banned, the demand for Free Fire has increased a lot and the number of people playing Free Fire has increased even more.

Because of which a lot of people are also organizing free fire live tournaments, due to which the number of players paying free fire is increasing even more and you can win a lot of prizes in live tournaments.


  1. Get gift item from frends = Friends if someone is your friend who plays Free Fire, then you can talk to him to gift items to you or else you can request a YouTube gamer to gift premium items to you. Or gift a diamond, or else you can win by playing a game in their tournament.


  1. Get free Reedom codes = Friends you can earn diamond in free fire also through redeem code. Many such websites exist on the internet which generate redeem codes.

So friends, by visiting tose websites, generate a redeem code and collect lots of        diamonds.

  1. Spin and win = friends, our next app is a spin and win app, that means you have to play some games. Spin and win if you win the game.

            So you get paid, the more you play, the more you will get money, friends, you will find    many such apps on google play store.

You can download and play the game by going to the store and also win money. Friends, I have put out below some apps for you which you can download and play.



  So friends, by visiting those websites, generate a redeem code and collect lots of diamonds Friends, this article of yours, which is based on that  best way to get free diamonds , so how did you like this article, please tell us by commenting and if you play Free Fire, then tell us how much time you have and this imformative article today If you share it with your friends, and if you share it on social media too, then I will meet friends with new information in the next article.

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